Sunday, July 10, 2016

Houston Pie Project - Pondicheri Bake Lab‬

The New York Times award-winning chai pie is reminiscent of Thanksgiving and cheesecake due to the chai tea spices in a milky creamy gelatin base. The Parle-G and crackine crust is crispy crunchy like French millefuille with tiny seeds and toffee flavor from the crackine. The pie is topped with fresh whipped cream and candied cashews. Highly recommended.
Parle-G is a popular Indian cookie in the style of an English digestive biscuit

Fruit galette with figs and plums. The crisp crust is pressed into poppy seeds, sesame seeds, and almond flakes, covered with a fluffy almond paste, and topped with sliced figs and plums. The idea of rolling the crust in seeds imparts the Indian sensibility that the Bake Shop is recognized for. Recommended.

A chickpea chaat provided a savory contrast to all the pies. My wife and I routinely visit the bake lab for the quinoa muffins, and the soup and 1/2 sandwich combo is always amazingly flavorful with complex combinations of Indian spices. I keep thinking about a lamb sandwich with fresh mustard I had there months ago.

quinoa muffins with pepitas and pomegranate arils
salmon sandwich with pea tendrils

Not your grandfather's root vegetable soup - think rasam with mustard seeds

This bar is reminiscent of a peanut butter bar but is topped with a variety of seeds and less sweetness

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