Sunday, July 10, 2016

Houston Pie Project - Goode Company Seafood

Goode Company Seafood has been a popular place for seafood for many years and I have found older Houston restaurants to be fond of serving pies as desserts. However, they also make several savory seafood hand pies in a Cajun tradition as well. Their creole shrimp pie showed good browning on a very thin flaky crust and was packed with many plump shrimp in creole sauce (see my entry on Hebert's).

creole shrimp pie

Goode Company Seafood has several sweet pies on offer including the banana cream pie, margarita key lime pie, chocolate cream pie, and pecan pie. The pecan pie is the most popular but I was intrigued by the structural aspect of the banana cream pie. The bananas were layered into the pie rather than being on top of the cream filling and the base crust was kept crispy by a thin layer of chocolate. The cream layer is topped with fresh sweetened whipped cream and dark chocolate shavings. A elegant version of the traditional banana cream.
Banana cream pie with chocolate base

 The margarita key lime pie was very tart. You could taste that a lot of key lime zest had been added to increase the lime flavor. To balance the tartness of the lime the whipped cream was enhanced with marscapone. Additionally, the base was made with a crisp pretzel crust that wasn't soggy at all.
Margarita Key lime pie
The famous campechana
The Goode Company Seafood campechana is not pie, but compared to many Mexican style ceviches that are simply lime or lime-tomato, theirs is much more delicate due to olive oil brine and the bay leaves which impart the shrimp and fish with an herbal forward flavor.


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