Sunday, July 10, 2016

Houston Pie Project - Hay Merchant

Cajun meat pies are made empanada style for Chris Shepherd's Hay Merchant by chef Angela Rowley of Blackbird Foods. Knowing Angela's other meat pies, I'm sure this one is oozing with butter but doesn't taste greasy at all. Very pillowy unlike a traditional cajun meat pie. The meat filling is relatively sparse and a cilantro dipping sauce was offered, so these are clearly intended to be a shared appetizer rather than a main dish like the many savory meat pies Angela serves at the Eastside Farmer's Market. I paired these pies with Bavik Pilsner. I wanted to try them with a sour beer to counter the usual fattiness of the meat pies I had in Natchitoches, but the waiter was right that due to their lightness such a beer wouldn't be the right pairing here. ‪#‎Houston_Pie_Project‬

Hay Merchant is known for its diverse variety of beers

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