Sunday, July 10, 2016

Houston Pie Project - John and Jane Dough

John and Jane Dough (and Tejas Chocolates and BBQ) have become two of the reasons to travel to Tomball when it's not time for the German Christmas Festival or to shop for antiques. John and Jane Dough is owned by a couple formerly from Portland and you can see that Northwest sensibility in both the setting/decor inside a bungalow decorated with elementary school items and garden herbs and vegetables rather than flowers. With all Houston's sunny days unlike Portland we aren't feeling the need for carbs and breakfast all day to combat seasonal affective disorder, but rather indulging our love of those foods.

The bakery features several seasonal pies and cakes on their menu. They are quite popular, so I was lucky to have snagged the last piece of lemon icebox pie the day in early March that I and my friends made the drive. Their version was very lemony and creamy with a thick layer of vanilla whipped cream and some gray salt. Highly recommended.

Slices of cake are almost decorative items among the cake stands, antique mixers, and baking books.

 They serve breakfast and lunch. Breakfast includes an variety of biscuits, scones, and muffins. The sandwiches are made on the breads baked in house.

coffee and espresso comes from
Stumptown Roasters in Portland (one of the three best roasteries in the U.S.)
Their version of a donut muffin

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