Sunday, August 20, 2017

To market, to market, to buy a fat hand pie

The sea glass and wood in the display at Crust Pies lets your eye feast on objects from the Washington coastline

Crust Pies based out of the Port Townsend Saturday Farmer's Market really knows how to make beautiful hand pies. Remarkably each one has a distinctive shape that let's customers identify each one. By the time we arrived to the market the owner had sold out of all the sweet pies. Since I like to learn some new savory flavors, I was fine with that. I tried the garlicy greens hand pie. I liked the flavor, but I think that I would have preferred the filling pureed or at least finely minced to give the pie a better texture. The whole green garlic and kale leaves inside were tasty but a bit difficult to eat as they unraveled with each bite. That said, these pies are being handmade with quality market ingredients so I would still like to try some of the other hand pies.

The ginger date nuts and seeds bar is a work of art

The diverse menu of sweet and savory pies
The surrounding market was gorgeous. We ate salmon sandwiches, fresh berries, lavender and strawberry-basil sorbet to name a few. Here's a few pictures from the market.

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