Sunday, August 20, 2017

Bread & Honey Cafe

Bread and Honey Cafe was a little place we discovered around the corner from our Airbnb near Williamson St. in NE Portland. I decided rather than eating breakfast again (Portland loves it's hearty breakfasts and brunches) I would just have a savory and a sweet pie instead.

Chicken pot pie - Put a bird on it!
 They pre-bake the savory pies and then warm them in the panini press. The chicken pot pie was packed full of chicken and veggies and low on gravy, more quiche-like.

Almond peach crunch pie
The almond peach crunch pie was like eating granola with warm peaches. We were surprised to see kolaches on the menu until our waitress told us that one of the owners was from Austin like our Airbnb hosts. So the Hill Country German pie tradition meets the Northwest pie obsession here.

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