Saturday, June 17, 2017

Houston Pie Project: Cafe Brasil

Cafe Brasil - Off-menu pie

I'm uncertain if Houston's current obsession with off-menu and secret dishes has something to do with the lack of advertising of the pies at Cafe Brasil in Montrose. Although no pie is listed on their menu, their pastry chefs are doing some great work. They make a selection of pretty great pies and cakes daily that appear counter-side in a classic diner format alongside an array of fresh cut flowers.

I've tried their cherry pie (above left) and a great apple struesel pie (above center and right) where the apple slices still retained some bite and were suspended inside creamy streusel. Both pies were packed with fruit and well crafted. The crusts are all being made by hand and distinct for each filling. I've been advised that the peach pie is one of their best selling flavors, so I'll be coming back for that one.

While I was there I also tried their eggs Benedict. I swear that the smoked salmon was actually a vegan version with smoked tomatoes based on the texture that I was experiencing. Apparently vegan butchery is all the rage currently in Los Angeles and vegan smoked salmon made out of carrots and tomatoes is in vogue. I'll have to go back for a second taste/confirmation on this smoked salmon to figure out if it is indeed a vegan preparation.

eggs Benedict with smoked salmon and potatoes

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