Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Cleiburne Cafeteria Burned Down

One of my favorite places for homemade pie was one of Houston's oldest cafeterias (part of the 70+ club of restaurants still in business after 70 years). Yesterday the restaurant started in 1941 by a Greek immigrant burned to the ground. Apparently this isn't the first time that fire has hit the restaurant and amazingly spared the paintings of the original deceased owner. Hopefully they can rebuild again soon.


As of May 1 I will begin a new project to identify the best savory and sweet pies in Houston. I would have included Cleiburne and Kindli Haus (which I reviewed last year) in my list, but now both are gone, the latter permanently. Anyone who would like to suggest a pie or pie restaurant that I should put on my list, please leave a comment. A good restaurant pie for consideration at minimum has to have 1) an individually made crust (can't be frozen crust), 2) have good (and hopefully creative) flavor combinations, and 3) not have filling thickeners that create a bad texture. I will also be contributing to a list of restaurants or food trucks outside Houston in Texas (and nationwide) with excellent pie.

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