Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Addictive Strawberry Hand Pies at Froeberg Farms

Hand pies are one of those items that many of us are nostalgic about from our childhood (even if the fried pie we are thinking of was from McD's). Froeberg Farm (3601 TX-6, Alvin, TX 77511 frobergsfarm.com) is better known as a pick-your-own strawberry farm and vegetable market; however, they make a lot of different kinds of hand pies fresh all day from fresh or dried fruit. 

I sampled several of the fresh fruit (strawberry, blackberry) and the dried fruit (pineapple, apricot) pies, and the fresh fruit pies definitely were far superior in texture and flavor. The strawberry pie recipe is hands-down the best. On an early spring day with pretty weather, make the (hour or so, depending on traffic) drive south from Houston to Alvin, and grab a bunch of strawberry hand pies out from under the heat lamp to savor while you're filling your strawberry basket. And bring some back to eat for breakfast the next day.

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