Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Pie Books and Blogs

Pie Books and Blogs

The Good Food Piecast

One of the folks that loves pie as much as I do is chef Evan Kleiman of KCRW's Good Food Podcast. She even has a podcast she calls the "Piecast". Every summer she has a Pie-A-Day Challenge where she bakes a pie every day of the summer months, culminating in judging with award-winning food writer Johnathan Gold a pie competition of pies baked by her listeners.
KCRW Good Food podcast

Pie Books

Two great books about pie are The United States of Pie by Adrienne Kane and American Pie: Slices of Life (and Pie) from America's Backroads by Pacale le Draoulec. The former has a lot of regional pie recipes with a little food travel mixed in and the latter is a pie road-trip story with some regional pie recipes at the end of each chapter.
United States of Pie NPR story

longer NPR story on United States of Pie

Thrillist Ultimate Pie List

Here's a list of the supposed best pies in America ala Kristin Hunt author of the eat.drink austin guide.
Petsi Pies (Somerville and Cambridge, MA)
Four & Twenty Blackbirds (Brooklyn, NY)
The Blue Stove (Brooklyn, NY)
Scratch Baking (Durham, NC)
Cafe on the Corner (Lookout Mountain, TN)
Achatz Handmade Pie Co. (Several MI locations)
 (Chicago, IL)
 (Chicago, IL)
 (Denver, CO)
PieLab (Greensboro, AL)
 (Georgetown, TX)
 (Dallas, TX)
The Bomb Fried Pies (Dallas, TX)
Lauretta Jean's (Portland, OR)
 (Los Angeles, CA)
Rib Whip BBQ Truck (San Francisco, CA)
Thrillist Best Pies in America List

My other to-do pie places are Duarte's Tavern (Pescadero, CA),  Spruce Park Diner (Coram, MT), Huckleberry Patch (Hungry Horse, MT), Betty's Pies (Two Rivers, MN), Park Café (Braham, MN), The Cherry Hut and the Cherry Festival (Traverse City, MI), Our Daily Bread (Sheffield, IA), Bird-in-hand Bake Shop (Bird-in-Hand, PA), Piccadilly's (Memphis, TN), Granny Zurcher's Bakery (Pendleton, SC), Dick & Jenny's (New Orleans, LA), Mammy's Cupboard (Natchez, MS), PIE-O-NEER (Pie Town, NM), Veyo Mercantile (Veyo, UT), and Bumbleberry Restaurant (Zion National Park, UT).

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